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2 x Luminor Trittico

by on Jun.12, 2010, under General

One of the unreleased photos from our 2nd shooting in 2009, showing two Luminor Trittico sets. Similar photos have been used for the first and last inside pages of our 2nd book “Vintage Panerai – The References” in darkness and daylight conditions. 

Two Luminor compasses, two Luminor depth gauges (15 and 16 meters), a 6152/1 “Luminor Panerai” watch with Rolex Type 4 movement (cal. 618 Cortebert, 17 Rubis, Incabloc shock protection) and a 6152/1 “Luminor Panerai” watch with Angelus 240 SF movement (signed june 1961, 15 Rubis, Incabloc shock protection).

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Frogmen’s combat knifes

by on Apr.22, 2010, under General

Two rare combat knifes used by italian and german units in the 2nd world war, placed on an original newspaper dated november 1944.

The photo shows a group of german “Kampfschwimmer” units winding their Panerai watches. This type of knife is visible on the right unit’s belt, fixed by a carabiner.

You can read more about combat swimmer’s equipment in our first book “Vintage Panerai – Watches with History”, chapter III.

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A great addition for our database

by on Apr.03, 2010, under General

A fellow collector has provided detailled information of his ref. 6152/1 with Angelus movement for our database.

The Angelus movement is signed JUIN 61, which is matching our files perfectly. It comes with a very rare dial version: as most of the known 6152/1 Angelus watches have a “Luminor Panerai” dial, the dial of this watch is engraved “Marina Militare”.

The massive Rolex caseback bears matriculation numbers of the italian navy. Together with this caseback, there is also a 2nd display caseback, signed “Officine Panerai Brevettato”.

To keep the owners privacy, we don’t publish the complete case number, which we keep confidential in our database. You can read more about this type of vintage Panerai watches in our 2nd book “Vintage Panerai – The References” (chapter VI.III).

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“talking vintage…” About different shapes of hands

by on Mar.31, 2010, under General

Some details of vintage Panerai watches have received a nickname or title by collectors. Sometimes a description of a Panerai watch can hold confusing elements (nicknames), which sounds even funny.

A good example are the different shape of hands used in 6152/1 watches: they are named “single pencil” or “double pencil” hands. In the illustration you can find two different shapes of both kind of hands. Differences are visible in small details (width, lenght, shape of heads).

The “single pencil” shape of hands can be found often in watches with Angelus movements (illustration 1st row – short and long version). There exist various versions of these hands made of brass. The “double pencil” shape is typical for 6152/1 watches with Rolex movements. Some appear with very “sharp” heads (2nd row, right) if compared with the regular head shape (illustration 2nd row, left).

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Our database work

by on Jan.18, 2010, under General

By collecting facts and details of today existing watches, we have continued to increase the entries in our database with more than 250 (1.1.2010) watches so far.

Beside case numbers and dial versions, we add further details, which allow us to create graphics of the files, which is helpful for our research and a great addition next to informations in the usual way as text and numbers.

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