“talking vintage…” About different shapes of hands

by on Mar.31, 2010, under General

Some details of vintage Panerai watches have received a nickname or title by collectors. Sometimes a description of a Panerai watch can hold confusing elements (nicknames), which sounds even funny.

A good example are the different shape of hands used in 6152/1 watches: they are named “single pencil” or “double pencil” hands. In the illustration you can find two different shapes of both kind of hands. Differences are visible in small details (width, lenght, shape of heads).

The “single pencil” shape of hands can be found often in watches with Angelus movements (illustration 1st row – short and long version). There exist various versions of these hands made of brass. The “double pencil” shape is typical for 6152/1 watches with Rolex movements. Some appear with very “sharp” heads (2nd row, right) if compared with the regular head shape (illustration 2nd row, left).

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