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A view on a Vintage Panerai strap…

by on Jun.27, 2012, under General

…more than just an old piece of leather, full of wrinkles and patina. It tells us its age and proof of activity long time ago – looking on this strap is almost like looking into a face of a veteran. It reminds me on what other brands don’t have – a true history. Other brands may create a story around a product. Panerai is different: Panerai had products wich created their stories themselves… approved by brave men in their underwater missions. Lots of these stories were lost and nearly forgotten, but today some surfaced and show us the DNA of the brand – even in the shape of an aged calf strap…

The dark brown 26 mm wide strap with a lenght of 150/90 mm has been produced by Cuoierie Meccaniche Brelli in Tuscany, who was the supplier for straps used on Panerai watches of the last century. The stainless steel GPF buckle is sewn into the strap.

More than 50 years old, this strap is a proof of the quality and skills of the suppliers choosed by Panerai – and a part of their unique DNA.
[Volker Wiegmann]

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A close look at a vintage “GPF – Mod Dep” buckle

by on Jun.27, 2012, under General

Put on the macro lens today and tried to catch some details of the “GPF – Mod Dep” buckle, which is mounted on my Ref. 6152/1 “Luminor Panerai” watch.

Used on 26 mm straps, this type of stainless steel buckle exist in three versions: plain, with a matriculation number of the navy (up to three digits) and, as seen here on the photo, with the embossed trademark “Guido Panerai e Figlio” (short version “GPF”). All versions of the buckle have a brushed finish.

The GPF trademark logo, which unites the three initials G, P and F in a circular form, has been used on various documents or instruments shown in the left corner of the photo – which can be called a typographical masterpiece of the last century – it is without a doubt a piece of the Panerai DNA. The short “Mod Dep” (“Modello Depositato”) stands for “registered design” / “trademark”.

A later version of this buckle has been produced with a matte grey coating and can be found e.g. on nylon straps, mounted on Panerai compasses from the 1980’s, Ref. BSP 851 and BSP 852 (hooded version).

Interesting is, that back in the 1980’s the compass has been engraved on the backside with “Officine Panerai” but the buckles with the old company name (“GPF”) were still used…

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The week of the Ref. 3646

by on Jun.11, 2012, under General

Interesting news to come up soon this week, seems like Ref. 3646 is on the spot! This reference carries the DNA of the brand… simple but striking!

Stay tuned!
[Volker Wiegmann]

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Just because… Trittico

by on Apr.10, 2012, under General

Took a nice pic of the “Luminor Trittico”. All three pieces are powered by “Luminor Panerai”: the 16 m depth gauge, the Ref. 6152/1 Panerai watch and the compass. Both instruments, the compass and the depth gauge, have a case size of 70 x 90 mm.

You can find more information about Ref. 6152/1 watches in our 2nd book “Vintage Panerai – The References” in chapter IV, pages 202-255.

Features of the watch:
Reference: 6152/1
Dial: “Luminor Panerai” (sandwich, engraved)
Case number: 124537
Movement: Rolex Cal. 618 / Type 4 

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Just because… the crown protecting device

by on Mar.18, 2012, under General

Rainy spring day here in Germany today, so I tried to catch the Panerai DNA in shape of the crown protecting device on the Ref. 6152/1 “Luminor Panerai”. It is without a doubt “the number 1 identifying feature” of Panerai watches from all production periods: vintage, PreVendome and actual models.

The patent was issued in july 1956 and described as “tight-seal device for the control knob of instruments, particularly for the setting and winding knob of watches”.

A 26 mm wide and 6.2 mm high area is milled out on the right edge of the polished case, to allow a lateral attachment of the protection device, which is fabricated from brushed stainless steel. The protection system, which is extending 8 mm above the right side of the case is fastened to the case with two screws. The L-shaped protective bar is 2.9 mm wide and pushes the crown down firmly to the case when closed. 

You can find more information about Ref. 6152/1 watches in our 2nd book “Vintage Panerai – The References” in chapter IV, pages 202-255. About the crown protecting device you can find information on pages 225 to 233.

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Just because… Rolex 618 / Type 1 movement

by on Feb.29, 2012, under General

Tried to catch a nice movement view of a Vintage Panerai “Kampfschwimmer” watch. The Rolex Cal. 618 / Type 1 used in Ref. 3646 watches are doubtless a part of the Panerai DNA. Strong machines, which still can keep perfect time after many years of use…

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SIHH 2012 – Panerai’s DNA in the new models

by on Jan.21, 2012, under General

Returned home from my visit at the SIHH in Geneve yesterday. It was great to see that Panerai continue to use their DNA in the new collection.

My personal highlight was “the return of the 8 mm crown” (PAM 399) on a Luminor case, which was only produced with the legendary crown protecting device in modern Panerai watches since 1993. This type of crowns have been used on vintage Panerai watches of the references 6152, 6154 and 6152/1 (Rolex 8 mm Brevet crown). You can find more info in our 2nd book “Vintage Panerai – The References” in chapter VI.III on page 325.

Features of the watch:
Reference: PAM399
Case: 47mm AISI 316L polished steel
Movement: Hand-wound mechanical,exclusive Panerai OP XXVII calibre, base Minerva 16-17
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds
Water resistance: 30 metres
Crystal: Plexiglas 3.0 mm
Back: See-through sapphire crystal

You can find a detailled overview of the 2012 models at www.paneristi.com, also at www.panerai.com

As a vintage Panerai enthusiast, it was a big pleasure for me to see the famous “74” Ref. 6152/1 watch with Angelus movement and single pencil hands on display at the Panerai booth! Panerai showed a couple of special and rare watches, also the PAM203 with vintage Angelus movement (a special edition model of the year 2005).

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Spot on: PAM372!

by on Dec.22, 2011, under General

Today I got the chance ot see the PAM372 for the first time in real. The “nearest-to-my-place” Panerai dealer promised me weeks ago to give me a call when his first PAM372 would hit his store, so I could take an eye on it before he will call the new owner (to get his christmas gift “just in time”).

Since our friend Asi posted his comparing report directly from SIHH earlier this year I was excited to see this watch now with my own eyes. What caught me instantly, was the engraved “Luminor Panerai” on the dial – that looks just wonderful!

As the watches were hitting the boutiques and Ads lately, a lot of collectors got their “early Christmas gift” already. I must admit that this is a wonderful watch and it will makes many collectors very happy – for sure!

I put my 6152/1 on to make some comparing photos with the 372. Panerai put in a lot of their DNA into the PAM372: the flat lugs, coming out of the middle of the case, remind me on the Vintage Panerai references 6152 and 6154, the edged cushion shape of the case also, which does not exist on 6152/1 watch cases. I also like the fact that the watch has a plexi instead of a sapphire – some extra “old school flavour”. Overall a very well done piece.

[Volker Wiegmann]

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“Luminor Trittico”

by on Aug.06, 2011, under General

A set of vintage “Luminor Panerai” instruments – the so called “Trittico”: compass, Ref. 6152/1 wrist watch and 16 m depth gauge. The depth gauge is calibrated to 16 meters. There exist other versions for various depths, depending on their use (attack or defense; calibrations from 7 to 60 meters are known today). Both instruments, the compass and the depth gauge, have a case size of 70 x 90 mm. The compass rose is divided into 22.5° sections, commonly used in seafaring circles.

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Comparing 6152/1 and PAM372

by on Jan.24, 2011, under General

Our fellow collector friend Assaf Burstein from Israel provided some very nice comparing photos of the brand new PAM372 next to his 6152/1.

It is great to see that Panerai has introduced a watch with so many historical features, carrying the DNA of the brand into the future.

The long waited for “fiddy base” watch is here, giving applause to the designers in Milan.

Paneristi wanted this watch since years –
Panerai made it real!

Technical details of the “Luminor 1950” PAM372 (find more at www.panerai.com):
Hand-wound mechanical, Panerai P.3000 calibre, executed entirely by Panerai, 16½ lignes, 5.3 mm thick, 21 jewels, Glucydur balance, 21,600 alternations/hour. Incabloc anti-shock device. Power reserve 3 days, two barrels. 160 components.

Hours, minutes.

Diameter 47 mm, polished steel.

Polished steel.

See-through sapphire crystal.

Device protecting the crown
(protected as a Trademark) Brushed steel.

Black with luminous Arabic numerals and hour markers.

Interesting to see the case construction / shape from different views. The lugs are comming out of the case much deeper than on the original 6152/1 case. They reminds on the lugs of the 6152 and 6154 watches, which is underlined by the strong edges on the sides of the PAM372 case. From a top view this is nearly not visible, but good to see from Asi’s comparing photos. Nice, that Panerai placed the reference numbers between the lugs, just like on their “vintage grandfathers”, which hold the Rolex reference number and individual six digit case number.

By the way: “Asi, it looks good on your wrist, and nice shirt too!”

The “Luminor Panerai” engraved dial is just great! The old font has been used for that, which is much nicer than the modern Helvetica font. Giving applause to the fact that the names are not printed onto the dial, but engraved into the dial. The “double pencil” hands seem to be a little bit too small / short, but I can imagine that this will be changed on later production models. It would be not the first time, that Panerai presented a watch to the public at the SIHH which later appears with small modifications… On the display back we can find again the historical correct fonts used for the “OFFICINE PANERAI BREVETTATO” – very nice! The see-thru chrystal is a nice feature to show the new P.3000 movement.

The trademark signatures on the crown protecting device are causing a little “head down” in me, but as it is the number 1 feature of the brand, Panerai must bring it – honestly I would have been off the roof to see an engraved “BREV. ITAL.” on the backside of the crown protecting device. Overall its really a wonderful watch, the star of the 2011 Panerai collection for me. Regular production 3000 pcs., hopefully enough for all who like to wear the heritage of a legendary brand on their wrist …a Panerai “Luminor 1950”.

[photos by Assaf Burstein – thanks mate!]

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