A view on a Vintage Panerai strap…

by on Jun.27, 2012, under General

…more than just an old piece of leather, full of wrinkles and patina. It tells us its age and proof of activity long time ago – looking on this strap is almost like looking into a face of a veteran. It reminds me on what other brands don’t have – a true history. Other brands may create a story around a product. Panerai is different: Panerai had products wich created their stories themselves… approved by brave men in their underwater missions. Lots of these stories were lost and nearly forgotten, but today some surfaced and show us the DNA of the brand – even in the shape of an aged calf strap…

The dark brown 26 mm wide strap with a lenght of 150/90 mm has been produced by Cuoierie Meccaniche Brelli in Tuscany, who was the supplier for straps used on Panerai watches of the last century. The stainless steel GPF buckle is sewn into the strap.

More than 50 years old, this strap is a proof of the quality and skills of the suppliers choosed by Panerai – and a part of their unique DNA.
[Volker Wiegmann]


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