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Just because… GPF 2/56

by on Aug.28, 2011, under General

Stunning watch infront of some Vintage Panerai compasses: the GPF 2/56. The case diameter of this reference is 66 millimeters including the crown protecting device. It was made by Panerai for the Egyptian navy in the mid 1950’s, which received the nickname “Egiziano Grosso” because of its huge size.

You can read more about the Ref. GPF 2/56 in our book “Vintage Panerai – The References”, chapter V, pages 256-283.

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Ref. 6152/1 Rolex and Angelus

by on Jun.28, 2010, under General

Movement view of two Ref. 6152/1 watches: Rolex Cal. 618 / Type 4 movement (17 Rubis and Incabloc shock protection) and the Angelus Cal. 240 SF (15 Rubis and Incabloc shock protection, signed “JUIN .61”) on the right.

Both watches have the legendary crown protecting device. The device of the watch with Rolex movement (124806) is signed “BREV. ITAL” and “9”, while the watch with Angelus movement (124784) is signed only with “3”.

Interesting to see, that the watch with Rolex movement has different hands (double pencil shape) compared to the watch with Angelus movement, which usually comes with single pencil shaped hands. Note also, that the size of the “Luminor Panerai” is different (smaller on dials with Angelus movement).

You can read and see more about the watch 124784 in our 2nd book “Vintage Panerai – The References”, chapter VI.III (page 312-329).

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The “sandwich” dial – pure Panerai DNA

by on Jun.25, 2010, under General

Nice view on a ref. 6152/1 dial with Angelus 240 SF movement. In this perspective, the “sandwich” construction of the Panerai dials is clearly visible. The luminous material is placed deeper / under the dial’s surface. It’s not painted on the face of the dials, as it was usually done by other brands at this time. Numbers and markers are cut out (milled) from the dial, which is matte black painted. The “Luminor Panerai” inscription is milled on the dial (but not cut out), filled with white color.

The “sandwich” dial is one of the most important identifying features – pure Panerai DNA.

Read more about this and other identifying features – the DNA of Panerai – in both of our books. [Volker Wiegmann]

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2 x Luminor Trittico

by on Jun.12, 2010, under General

One of the unreleased photos from our 2nd shooting in 2009, showing two Luminor Trittico sets. Similar photos have been used for the first and last inside pages of our 2nd book “Vintage Panerai – The References” in darkness and daylight conditions. 

Two Luminor compasses, two Luminor depth gauges (15 and 16 meters), a 6152/1 “Luminor Panerai” watch with Rolex Type 4 movement (cal. 618 Cortebert, 17 Rubis, Incabloc shock protection) and a 6152/1 “Luminor Panerai” watch with Angelus 240 SF movement (signed june 1961, 15 Rubis, Incabloc shock protection).

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A great addition for our database

by on Apr.03, 2010, under General

A fellow collector has provided detailled information of his ref. 6152/1 with Angelus movement for our database.

The Angelus movement is signed JUIN 61, which is matching our files perfectly. It comes with a very rare dial version: as most of the known 6152/1 Angelus watches have a “Luminor Panerai” dial, the dial of this watch is engraved “Marina Militare”.

The massive Rolex caseback bears matriculation numbers of the italian navy. Together with this caseback, there is also a 2nd display caseback, signed “Officine Panerai Brevettato”.

To keep the owners privacy, we don’t publish the complete case number, which we keep confidential in our database. You can read more about this type of vintage Panerai watches in our 2nd book “Vintage Panerai – The References” (chapter VI.III).

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On the hunt for yet unknown datings

by on Jan.19, 2010, under General

Since we have crossed the closing line of our 2nd book on april 1st 2009, we are still on the hunt for new, yet unknown datings on Angelus movements, which have been used in vintage Panerai watches.

Until today we know three different datings: 12.55 (in GPF 2/56), MAI.61 (in 6152/1 watches, find below the location at the movement in the red circle) and JUIN.61 (in 3646 and 6152/1 watches). It will be interesting to see further datings in the future, also because it can answer questions about the type of decoration and engraving on the bridges of the Angelus movements, which we know in different versions.

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