A rare bird surfaced – in shape of a Ref. 6152/1 with C.C. engraved caseback

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Rahmen_Bild_hoch_2017_6152-1_CC1Introducing another piece of the Vintage Panerai puzzle – and one more from the watches, which were used by the Carabinieri, bearing a rare engraving on its caseback. Until today we have recorded only seven Ref. 6152/1 in our database with C.C. engraving and matriculation number on their casebacks.

Beside this watch, four similar specimen with “Luminor Panerai” dial and crown-protecting device are part of our database. The new owner has recently provided photos and informations, after purchasing the watch from the family of a Carabinieri veteran, for our records.

Rahmen_Bild_hoch_2017_6152-1_CC2More than 50% of all recorded Ref. 6152/1 watches with crown-protecting device bear a “Luminor Panerai” dial. Inside the watch works a Rolex Cal. 618 / Type 4 movement which is known in more than 80% of all Ref. 6152/1 watches, recorded in our database until today.

Read more about watches with C.C. engraving on page 964-971 in our book “The References” 1950’s-1960’s. Read also more on Vintage Panerai watches with engraved matriculation numbers here.

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