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IMG_2413_600x600By the end of 2015 our Vintage Panerai database counted a total of 377 entries, which we have recorded since 2003. The summary of our research about the watches made by Guido Panerai & Figlio from the 1930’s to the 1960’s are published in the 2nd edition of our new “The References” books in 2016, in which 70 watches plus several compasses and depth gauges are published on 1392 pages in two volumes – visit our bookstore to place your order.

Both new “The References” books introduced below will replace the first edition book from 2009 (sold out since 2013).

The first volume of “The References” is dedicated to watches and instruments from the 1930’s to 1940’s (References 2533, 3646, the Mare Nostrum Chronograph, compasses, straps and buckles) made by Guido Panerai & Figlio.

The first volume (696 pages, trilingual German, Italian and English language in one book) carries the history of the legendary Mezzi d’Assalto (SLC and “Gamma” frogmen units) of the 10th Flottiglia MAS with an overview of their missions from 1940 to 1943, linked directly to famous Italian owners of three watches. Furthermore information on German “Kampfschwimmer” frogmen units with yet unreleased historic photos is included and linked directly to owners of seven watches featured in this book.

The first volume features also the legendary and unique Mare Nostrum Chronograph, followed by a view on rare compasses used during the Second World War, before a chapter on buckles and straps is closing the first volume of Vintage Panerai “The References”.

The second volume of “The References” (696 pages, counting from page 697 to 1392, trilingual German, Italian and English language in one book) is dedicated to watches and instruments from the 1950’s to 1960’s (References 6152, 6154, 6152/1, GPF 2/56, Modified 3646, Transitional 3646, Modified 6152/1, compasses and depth gauges, straps and buckles) made by Guido Panerai & Figlio. The book features two watches from famous and high decorated italian veterans with their history relating to their active duty during the Second World War, as well as watches used by the Italian COMSUBIN special forces as well as divers of the Carabinieri and Polizia di Stato.

Furthermore, first-hand information from an Egypt frogmen veteran with yet unreleased historic photos of Guido Panerai & Figlio watches and instruments used by Egypt frogmen.

Compasses and depth gauges – huge and impressive instruments worn on the wrist – are featured in several versions as well as an overview of buckles and straps from this era at the end of the second volume of “The References”.

The first orders will be shipped at the beginning of March.
You can place your order now!

Enjoy reading “The References” 2nd edition of 2016 very soon!
[Ralf Ehlers & Volker Wiegmann]

P.S.: Our books “History1” and “History2” are in stock. If you buy more than one book in one order, shipping costs will be charged only for the first book (all further books are shipped free).


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