Arrivederci, Emilio Bianchi

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Sad news from Italy: Emilio Bianchi passed away on Saturday, august 15th 2015 at the age of 103. We send our condolences to his family in Torre del Lago / Tuscany.

The Marina Militare published an online note on Sig. Bianchi’s funeral here. British online news “The Telegraph” published a note here. Italian online news “La Repubblica” published a note here.

Emilio Bianchi was the last living member of the “fab six” SLC commandos, who took part at the mission “G.A. 3” in December 1941. For being co-pilot of Luigi Durant De La Penne’s SLC221 against the “HMS Valiant” in the harbour of Alexandria / Egypt, he was awarded with the Italian Gold Medal for Gallantry at War (M.O.V.M.).

Emilio Bianchi took part on several Club Panerai meetings in Viareggio / Tuscany. The visit of the former training camp for SLC commandos during WW2, an old farm house at Bocca di Serchio, will remain unforgettable to Panerai enthusiasts who took part back in May 2005.

[photo: Emilio Bianchi with members of the Club Panerai meeting at Bocca di Serchio, 2005]


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