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Beside watches from the Vintage, Pre-Vendome and Richemont era, some historical tools and instruments from Officine Panerai will be auctioned by Artcurial in Paris on monday, december 8th. A rare example of a Vintage Panerai depth gauge, aimed to 50 meters, with Radiomir dial and the typical white hand (depht gauges with Luminor come with a transparent hand), is listed as LOT 18 at “Panerai only” (Artcurial sale #2527).

The stainless steel case is matte grey coated, sized 70 x 90 mm. Historical Panerai instruments (screwed lugs) use the same 26 mm leather straps as those who were mounted on watches, treated for seawater use. The length of the strap was long enough to wear the depth gauge over the diving suit. The underside of the instrument is ergonomically shaped and has a brushed surface. It is fixed with 6 screws onto the upper part of the case, same as compasses are constructed. The huge dome (different versions between 24 mm and 27 mm exists) is made of Plexiglas.

By taking a close look at the dial of this instrument, one can see that it is made in the same “sandwich method” than the dials of the Vintage Panerai watches. The dial of this depht gauge has markers of 2.5 meter steps from surface to 20 meters, and 5 meter steps from 20 to 50 meters (maximum depth).

An overview of seven different aimed depth gauges (using Radiomir or Luminor luminous material) can be found here.

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