Design, protection and functionality

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Doubtless one of the iconic Panerai design elements: the crown protection device. The patent was issued in july 1956 and described as “tight-seal device for the control knob of instruments, particularly for the setting and winding knob of watches”.

A 26 mm wide and 6.2 mm high area is milled out on the right edge of the polished case of Ref. 6152/1 watch, to allow a lateral attachment of the protection device, made from brushed stainless steel. The protection system, which is extending 8 mm above the right side of the case is fastened to the case with two screws. The L-shaped protective bar (in open position visible on the photo) is 2.9 mm wide and pushes the crown down firmly to the case when closed.

This Vintage Panerai watch is featured in our book History1″. You can read more about its first owner Mario Arillo in chapter IV, page 227-391. Read more also in our book “The References” 1950’s-1960’s on page 924-927.

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