An unique copy of “History1” on its way to a winner

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For the fund raising project to help the people of the Philippines we offered an unique copy of our book “History1” as one of 18 prices of a raffle draw, which was announced in the public forum at

The two german frogmen veterans Heinz Pape and Karl-Heinz Kiefer, as well as the widow of frogmen Heinz Günter Lehmann and the daughter of the commander of the italian submarine “Ambra” (transporter for SLC and frogmen commandos), Mario Arillo, signed this book in advance for a special occasion in shape of a charity project last year. After the shocking news about the typhoon Haiyan we decided to use this book to help people in need.

In only four days, 582 tickets (each worth 600 PHP / 10 EUR) came together and were donated directly to the Philippine Red Cross by the supporters of the fund raising project. A total of 349.200 PHP / 5820 EUR (plus more than 200 EUR by anonymous donators) were the result! One of the 18 lucky winners will receive this unique copy of “History1” very soon.

After the raffle draw we informed the two veterans, the widow and the daughter about the result of the fund raising project, who were glad to hear that their signatures in the book and many other contributed prizes helped the victims of the terrible typhoon Haiyan.

On behalf of Heinz Pape, Karl-Heinz Kiefer, Mrs. Lehmann and Mrs. Tartarini-Arillo we are glad to forward their greetings and thanks to all supporters!
[Ralf Ehlers & Volker Wiegmann]


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