…keeping a promise: meeting with Veteran Karl-Heinz Kiefer

by on Jul.05, 2013, under General

Almost one year after I visited Karl-Heinz Kiefer for a personal delivery of our book “History1”, it was time to deliver him a copy of our new book“History2″. For me it was all about keeping a promise – again. Both, Karl-Heinz Kiefer and his kind wife Irma, welcomed me at their home in good health. I was able to forwarded greetings from my co-author Ralf Ehlers to both of them.

Veteran Karl-Heinz Kiefer, born in 1925, is featured in chapter III of our book “History1″. A preview of “his” chapter can be found here. The photo of the “handover moment” from last year is published in the preface of our new book “History2” on page 428.

Be well and stay in good shape, Mr. Kiefer!  [Ralf Ehlers & Volker Wiegmann]


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