Photo series “Vintage Panerai instrument of the week”

by on May.01, 2013, under General

Detail views of a 16 meter depth gauge. The meter hand on the left ofthe photo is made of transparent Plexiglas, which has a chamber in its tip, holding the luminous material to point out the actual depth. Gauges with Radiomir usually have a white Plexiglas hand.

By taking a close look at the dial of this instrument, one can see that it is made in the same “sandwich method” than the dials of the Vintage Panerai watches (example: “Luminor Panerai” dial of a Ref. 6152/1) can be compared here.

The center of the dial bears “Luminor Panerai” and below “Metri” is engraved. You can find more details of the tool’s dial here. The luminous material on hands, numbers, markers and dots is still reacting very quickly and bright when a light source is beamed onto the numbers and markers.

An overview of seven different aimed depth gauges (Radiomir and Luminor) can be found here.


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