Spot on: the onion shaped 3646 crown

by on Apr.16, 2013, under General

Put the focus on the onion shaped crown (Type 11) of a Reference 3646 watch to capture the details of the “Brevet +” signature with the swiss cross symbol. The crown has a diameter of 7 mm and can be screwed down onto the tube which is surrounded by the typical “neck” shaped side of the 47 mm cushion shaped case of the Reference 3646.

More information about the different crown types used on Ref. 3646 watches can be found in our new book “History2”, in which two watches are featured using the Type 11 crown (“Brevet +”) aside two watches of which one is using a Type 12 replacement crown (“Rolex Oyster”) and one is using the well known tubular shaped Type 13 crown (“Oyster Patent +”). All three type of Rolex crowns have the same thread, matching the tube.


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