Engravings can tell a story…

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The caseback of a Ref. 3646 / Type D watch. It bears engraved initials of the first owner of the watch: “SK”. The initials are placed above the year in which the “Einsatzgruppe Keller” was founded (February 1945).

The history of this watch is featured in our new book “History2” (Chapter V). Aside this watch’s history, we discovered in the last years the history of three other today existing watches of the same task force (16 frogmen). In the last months of the 2nd world war, several missions have been carried out under the command of Lieutenant Alfred Keller.

Our book “History1” carries the story of the “HP” watch (Chapter II), while two more watches of the “Einsatzgruppe Keller” are featured in our new book “History2”: The “HK” watch (Chapter VII) and the “WL” watch (Chapter VIII).

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