Introducing chapter IX of “History2″

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CHAPTER IX – “Helmut Rösel”
(98 pages, 63 photos, 4 technical illustrations)

The collectible items of the former combat swimmer Helmut Rösel, which was submitted for auction to the auctioneer Dr. Crott, contains not only his Panerai watch but also some documents from his time as a combat swimmer, some of which are extremely rare in this day and age. They give precise information about the stages of his training and his successful missions at the western and eastern fronts. The German Federal Cross of Merit, which was awarded to him in 1983 provided new insights, following our enquires at the Office of the Federal President, into his professional career in the Protestant Church, in which he was a pastor from 1961 and a military chaplain for the Bundeswehr from 1971. Letters written personally by him and a 1994 jewellery certificate for his Panerai watch are precious pieces of evidence are just as difficult to find in this day and age as the historic Panerai watches themselves.

Preview of page 778 – 779:
Helmut Rösel in his navy uniform. Beside other documents, kindly provided by auctioneer Dr. Crott for our research, this historic photo was submitted by a military collector, together with the watch and other very rare collectible items, for being auctioned in November 2012.

Preview of page 810 – 811:
One of the mission targets of Helmut Rösel and his “Kampfschwimmer” group: a railroad bridge across river Rhine, captured in an impressive aerial photo, taken by the U.S. Airforce a few days after the explosion, March 1945.

Preview of page 854 – 855:
Photo of Helmut Rösel’s Ref. 3646 / Type C watch with a current excerpt from our historical Panerai database. The complete restauration work on this watch is documented in several photos taken by a master watchmaker who brought back life into this fantastic Vintage Panerai.

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