Photo series “Vintage Panerai instrument of the week”

by on Feb.16, 2013, under General

Set of Panerai instruments: A 16 meter depth gauge with “Luminor” dial (case: 70×90 mm, height: 43 mm). The depth gauge (right) is calibrated to 16 meters. There exist many other versions for various dephts, depending on their use (attack or defense). The “Luminor” elements (markers and numbers on the dial, tip of the hand) still glow in a strong green color when under influence of direct light

The compass (case: 70×90 mm, height: 34 mm) has on top of the plexiglas dome a bearing line. It is also using “Luminor” luminous material. The instruments use the same 26 mm leather straps as those who were mounted on watches (screwed lugs), specially treated for seawater use. The length of the strap meant that the swimmer was able to wear the gauge over his diving suit. The underside of the instruments are ergonomically shaped and have a brushed surface.


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