From initials to an image – the tracks of a veteran

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During my visit of Mr. Kiefer, featured in chapter III of our new book “History1”, we were speaking about the interview I had with him more than a half year ago. We came back to his instructor, Bernhard Dornsiepen, which watch was auctioned in april 2012 at Dr. Crott and soon later found a good new home half around the globe.

Mr. Kiefer showed me an old photo album which he collected photos, which were taken during veteran meetings after the war in the 1970’s and 1980’s at the island of Sylt, where Mr. Kiefer and his former comrads had been exercised to become “Kampfschwimmers” of the german navy. From time to time they returned tho the place of their training during war time, but this time – many years later – in times of peace and together with their families as a “reunion”.

On a few photos in the album, Bernhard Dornsiepen was visible, so it was the first time – accidential – that there was an image of him aside “just” his initals on the caseback of the watch… It is always nice to put a face behind a name!

A few months ago, only the watch was known. The initials on the caseback let us find the first owner, with the help of another veteran. Another few months later, a photo has been found, adding more “personal touch” on this vintage treasure.
[Volker Wiegmann]

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