Introducing chapter III of “History1″

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(55 pages, 39 photos, 3 technical illustrations)

The story of Karl-Heinz Kiefer, who received fast-track training in the last months of the 2nd world war, already provided proof in the first edition of this book (2007) about period of use of the rare watch-face version of his Panerai watch, which for a long time had been ascribed to an earlier date. Now, his winter training in a toughening-up camp at the Baltic Sea is described in more detail.

Preview of page 172 – 173:
Introducing Karl-Heinz Kiefer and his career in the german Kriegsmarine from his recruit training in 1943 to the fast-track training in the last months of the 2nd world war.

Preview of page 203 – 204:
Quarters of the special marine units of the Kriegsmarine (historical map and technical illustrations of midged submarines and their bases in northern Germany and Denmark, together with the locations of the training camps in northern Italy).

Preview of page 214 – 215 (part of chapter III.I):
Photo of Karl-Heinz Kiefer’s Ref. 3646 / Type D watch with a current excerpt from our historical Panerai database.

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