Spot on: 6152!

by on Sep.10, 2010, under General

Everytime we get the chance to take a close look at a rare Ref. 6152 Panerai, we can’t resist to make a very close observation of its case profile, which is – compared to Ref. 6152/1 case profile – very different. During the X Club Panerai Meeting in Viareggio there was another chance to take a close look at a collector’s stunning Ref. 6152 watch (see illustration on the left).

Both references were delivered with 8 mm Rolex crowns, but the main feature of the better known (and more produced) Ref. 6152/1 is the Panerai crown protecting device. For many collectors it is difficult to understand the difference between a Ref. 6152 and a Ref. 6152/1 if they only see photos of both references.

If you ever have the chance to hold a Ref. 6152 Panerai watch in your hand: you must see and feel the small hollow and the slope (pink colored in the illustration) on the side of the case. If you compare it with the rounded case profile of a 6152/1, the difference is very clear and easy to spot.

You can read more about the Ref. 6152 Panerai in chapter II of our 2nd book “Vintage Panerai – The References” with detailled dimensions and supporting photos, comparing all three 615X references and their differences.


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