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Stolen: PAM249 and PAM360

by on Sep.26, 2012, under General

We got a sad note from an U.S. based paneristi that the following watches were stolen from his house:

PAM249 – serial OP6675BB1246772 number # 1698/1936
PAM360 – serial OP6812BB1413384 number # 62/300

We ask Panerai collectors to keep an eye open for these watches in case they show up somewhere for sale!  You can find further infos in the public forum @ paneristi.com

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Interesting discussion at paneristi.com

by on Aug.23, 2012, under General

in the public forum about the use of a SLC symbol on the caseback of today’s Panerai watches. Interesting to follow the replies and comments. It’s all about learning and respecting other people’s opinions.

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Buon compleanno, Omeris!

by on Aug.10, 2012, under General

Sending birthday greetings to Italy: Omeris Arpesella, veteran of the italian “Gruppo Gamma”, celebrates his 97th birthday today.

Omeris has joined several Club Panerai Meetings in the past, where he has been introduced to Panerai collectors from all around the world. In 2005, his Ref. 3646 “California Dial” watch was stolen and still remains missing. After many Panerai collectors took notice at the public forum of www.paneristi.com about this tragedy during the V Meeting Club Panerai in Viareggio/Italy, funds were rised instantly by more than 70 people from all around the world, to buy him a brand new Panerai watch. This watch, a Ref. PAM210, is since then nicknamed as “The Omeris”. Piero Lapiana from www.clubpanerai.com had the honour to handover the new watch soon later to Omeris.

In 2006, exactly one year later, a memorial plate was given to Omeris by a group of Panerai collectors at the Museo Tecnico Navale La Spezia (see photo). The memorial plate bears the names of all people who realized “The Omeris”… This community performance remains as one of the unforgettable moments for many Panerai collectors.

Buon compleanno, Omeris!

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“History1” featured in danish “timegeeks” magazine

by on Aug.01, 2012, under General

Our new book “History1” is featured in the new “timegeeks” magazine on page 16, introducing new watch book releases (http://timegeeks.dk). Platform owner Kristian Haagen, a passionated watch enthusiast and journalist, has provided us his latest magazine’s edition as pdf-file: August 2012.

Kristian “Bezelator” Haagen has received the 2003 and 2004 “asshat award” and is known in the watch world as a long-term member of the paneristi.com forum since september 2000. His unforgettable “corkscrew treatment” will remain as one of the most attended performances ever.


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Featured in Wiesbaden’s “VivArt” magazine

by on Mar.05, 2012, under General

“VivArt”, a culture and lifestyle magazine for the Wiesbaden region, featured the authors Ralf Ehlers and Volker Wiegmann with a 3 page story about their hobby – collecting Vintage Panerai watches – and the motivation to write a book about those watches with a personal history of their first owners, the italian and german frogmen in service during the 2nd world war. Also their life as members of the “paneristi.com collectors’ community” has been in the spotlight of the interview.

During the interview, Volker was sporting a Ref. 3646 / Type D “Kampfschwimmer” of which three photos have been published aside the “group picture” with the complete Belloni frogmen gear from 1944.

The interview for the spring edition (available from march 9th onwards) has been taken by chief editor Dr. Dirk M. Becker. The “VivArt” magazine is published four times per year. More info at www.vivart.de

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SIHH 2012 – Panerai’s DNA in the new models

by on Jan.21, 2012, under General

Returned home from my visit at the SIHH in Geneve yesterday. It was great to see that Panerai continue to use their DNA in the new collection.

My personal highlight was “the return of the 8 mm crown” (PAM 399) on a Luminor case, which was only produced with the legendary crown protecting device in modern Panerai watches since 1993. This type of crowns have been used on vintage Panerai watches of the references 6152, 6154 and 6152/1 (Rolex 8 mm Brevet crown). You can find more info in our 2nd book “Vintage Panerai – The References” in chapter VI.III on page 325.

Features of the watch:
Reference: PAM399
Case: 47mm AISI 316L polished steel
Movement: Hand-wound mechanical,exclusive Panerai OP XXVII calibre, base Minerva 16-17
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds
Water resistance: 30 metres
Crystal: Plexiglas 3.0 mm
Back: See-through sapphire crystal

You can find a detailled overview of the 2012 models at www.paneristi.com, also at www.panerai.com

As a vintage Panerai enthusiast, it was a big pleasure for me to see the famous “74” Ref. 6152/1 watch with Angelus movement and single pencil hands on display at the Panerai booth! Panerai showed a couple of special and rare watches, also the PAM203 with vintage Angelus movement (a special edition model of the year 2005).

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P-DAY#10 Hamilton Island (Australia)

by on Nov.11, 2011, under General

Returned from a fantastic journey to Australia, where P-DAY#10 was celebrated at Hamilton Island. After six years I met my friend Alan “Hammer” Bloore again, who wrote the preface of chapter III in our book “Vintage Panerai – The References” (page 186-187).

I’ve published a report in the public forum at www.paneristi.com. Enjoy reading part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5 / part 6 / part 7 / part 8 / part 9.

Amanda from the P-DAY#10 organization crew has created a wonderful slideshow which was shown during the Farewell Dinner on sunday, november 7th at Outrigger Marquee, Hamilton Island.

[Volker Wiegmann]

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XI Meeting Club Panerai 2011

by on May.11, 2011, under General

Joined the XI Meeting Club Panerai in Viareggio/Italy, hosted by www.clubpanerai.com
Another fantastic long weekend in Tuscany with many Panerai collectors and friends.

Find my detailled reports posted in the public forum at www.paneristi.com below:
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

Thanks to Piero and his crew for making another great meeting in Italy, home of Panerai!
[Volker Wiegmann]

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XI Meeting Club Panerai: countdown T-2 weeks

by on Apr.25, 2011, under Allgemein

Still two weeks to go, but already “in the mood” for the XI Meeting Club Panerai in Viareggio/Italy, meeting collectors and passionated friends from Italy, Europe and Overseas. Piero Lapiana and his friends will prepare another great event for sure. Radiomirs and Luminors at its best! A presto!

Find my 2010 meeting report in the public forum at www.paneristi.com. Enjoy reading part 1 / part 2 / part 3. Fellow paneristi mates published their personal reports in 2010 as well: Ron (Isle of Man) at www.paneristi.com published a nice random photo galore. Ralf (Germany) has published a nice report at www.paneraiforum.de with several batches of photos. Find a line-up of my earlier travel reports (2005 to 2010) published at paneristi.com here.

Wishing all attendees safe travels and a great time – a presto! 
[Volker Wiegmann]

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Panerai novelties 2011 released today at the SIHH

by on Jan.17, 2011, under General

Great news from Geneva today: Panerai presented the novelties of their 2011 collection.

One of the highlights are these two 47 mm watches, which got a lot attention immedately after they were released on the public forum at paneristi.com: PAM372 (Panerai P3000 cal. /regular production / 3000 units) and PAM368 (Panerai P2002/9 cal. / special edition / 1000 units), which use a lot DNA of the historical models, giving applause to the designers from Panerai for going this way!

The official Panerai website is updated – click here to see the novelties 2011.

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