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Engraved “Kampfschwimmer” @ Dr. Crott’s 90th auction

by on Oct.07, 2014, under Watch Point

Another rare Vintage Panerai Ref. 3646 / Type D is up for sale at Dr. Crott in their 90th auction on november 15th in Frankfurt (LOT 79). Recently captured some photos of the watch, bearing a rare and unique “Kampfschwimmer” engraving, featuring the initials of the first owner (“VK” for Valentin Kohlmann), year of service (1944) and the number of the task force he belonged to (“Meeres-Kämpfer 11. Einsatzgruppe”).

The watch has been delivered to the auctioneer by the veteran’s grandson, accompanied by a rare compass (black 54 mm case, solid lugs, unsigned), photos of Valentin Kohlmann during his service in WW2 and a documentation compiled by his family.

Features of the watch can be lined-up as the following: the aged plexi bears very fine cracks in the outer area near to the bezel, the blued steel hour and minute hand are both coming with the complete luminous material, the four numbers and eight markers of the anonymous “Kampfschwimmer” sandwich dial from Panerai appear in various colors reaching from yellow to orange. The number one wear-and-tear part, the winding crown, has been replaced by a non-screw-down-crown. The original “neck” and the tube for holding a screw-down-crown (Type 11 or Type 13 matching the thread of the tube) are still present.

Once opened the engraved caseback, the engine of the watch can be observed: the typical Rolex Cal. 618 / Type 1 movement without incabloc shock protection, the typical decorations on bridges and the “ROLEX 17 RUBIS” engraving on the center bridge. The balance cock is engraved with the S-F / A-R regulation device.

A view onto the fully decorated inner caseback shows the Rolex SA embossing in the center, reference number 3646 and individual case number below, which is recorded in our database in the group of Ref. 3646 / Type D watches.

Features of the watch:
Reference: 3646 / Type D
Dial: “Kampfschwimmer”  (sandwich, engraved)
Case number: 2604XX
Movement: Rolex Cal. 618 / Type 1

Similar watches of this type with anonymous “Kampfschwimmer” sandwich dials are featured in our books “History1″ (chapter II) and “History2″ (chapter V and chapter VII). An identical compass is featured in our book “History2” on page 598, 600 and 601 (chapter VI).

We hope the watch will find a good new home and that it remain surfaced in the Vintage Panerai collectors world.
[Ralf Ehlers & Volker Wiegmann]

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Panerai exhibition in Wiesbaden/Germany at Juwelier Stoess

by on Mar.03, 2012, under General

A local Panerai AD in Hesse state’s capital city Wiesbaden, Juwelier Stoess (www.stoess.eu), is having a special Panerai exhibition for two weeks (february 25th to march 10th) with a completely “Panerai corporate designed shop window” which is getting a lot attraction in Wiesbaden’s famous shopping area Wilhelmsstrasse – close to the well known Kurhaus / Casino.

There are special and rare Panerai models in the display, also some Vintage Panerai instruments are placed. Beside a battery powered light gun, a so called Elettrosegnalatore GPF 1/58, two parts of Arillo’s “Trittico” in their wooden storage box are in the spot: a Luminor depth gauge (16 meters) and a Luminor compass.

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GPF 2/56 “Big Egiziano” on auction @ Christies

by on Oct.16, 2011, under Watch Point

An interesting “Trittico” (= wristwatch, compass and depth gauge) is up for auction at Christies in their november sale 1383 (LOT 27). 

A rare GPF 2/56 “Big Egiziano” with “Radiomir Panerai” dial, a compass and a depth gauge will hopefully find a good new home on november 14th in Geneva/Switzerland.

Features of the watch:
Reference: GPF 2/56
Dial: “Radiomir Panerai” (sandwich, engraved)
Case number: 018
Movement: Angelus Cal. 240 SF (8 days)

The watch is a close “brother” of the “Big Egiziano” with the case number 012, published in our book “Vintage Panerai – The References” and shows identical features, especially the signed date “12.55” on the movement plate. The balance cock bears the “SF 240” sign (Stolz Frères Cal. 240), which can be found on the earlier versions of the Angelus movement (1955 – signed “12.55”), while the movements dated in the 1960’s (e.g. “MAI.61” or “JUIN.61”) have a “+/-” on the balance cock in the majority, from what we were able to find out by comparing with our database.

All three items of the “Trittico” are signed “OFFICINE PANERAI FIRENZE” on their casebacks. Each item has the complete number of original screws (6 each). All of them appear with their original leather strap and buckle.

The depth gauge is aimed 60 meters and bears the “Radiomir Panerai” sign on the lower part of the dial. All items show signs of use, the dial of the GPF 2/56 has faded into brown “tropic” color.

You can read more about the Ref. GPF 2/56 in our book “Vintage Panerai – The References”, chapter V, pages 256-283.

[Photos with kindly permission / courtesy of www.christies.com]

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Vintage Panerai instruments

by on Sep.01, 2011, under General

A load of Vintage Panerai instruments with “Luminor” and “Radiomir” substance; 10 depth gauges aimed for various depths and 13 compasses produced from the 1940s to the 1980s.

Especially rare are the two small compasses, which have been used in World War 2 (left corner of the photo) by german and italian frogmen. Further details about these two rare instruments can be found here [Italian frogmen’s compass] and [German frogmen’s compass].

[photo by Ralf Ehlers]

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“Luminor Trittico”

by on Aug.06, 2011, under General

A set of vintage “Luminor Panerai” instruments – the so called “Trittico”: compass, Ref. 6152/1 wrist watch and 16 m depth gauge. The depth gauge is calibrated to 16 meters. There exist other versions for various depths, depending on their use (attack or defense; calibrations from 7 to 60 meters are known today). Both instruments, the compass and the depth gauge, have a case size of 70 x 90 mm. The compass rose is divided into 22.5° sections, commonly used in seafaring circles.

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New Old Stock: strap for Panerai instruments

by on Jun.24, 2011, under General

Rare find by a friend of us: new old stock spare strap for Panerai instruments like compasses or depth gauges, used by the italian navy as replacement. Typical for this kind of straps are the huge brass buckles, of which plain and numbered versions exist.

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“instrument of the week”: comparing compasses

by on Apr.03, 2011, under General

Interesting to compare different compasses made in the 40’s and 50’s. With Ralf’s latest piece of his collection, we can compare three different cases and plexi dome shapes.

The flexible lugs are an eye catcher on the first (and probably the oldest) compass. Remarkable are the solid lugs and the black painted case of the 2nd compass, which has the same construction on the bottom of the case (6 screws going into the plexi dome) as the version with flexible lugs (see side view on the 2nd photo). Click here for more details.

Both small compasses have a short bearing line which is drilled horizontal into the dome (see top view on the 1st photo). The big compass made in the 1950’s has a longer bearing line across the entire dome. The position of the screw to open the plexi dome for filling it up with fluid is is at 3’o’clock position (90°), while on the smaller compasses the position of the screws is different (at 225° on the flexible lug version and at 45° on the small version with solid lugs).

The compass rose on all three compasses is divided into 22.5° sections, commonly used in seafaring circles. Note also the different shape (hight) of the plexi domes on the small compasses.

[photos by Ralf Ehlers]

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WW2 compass

by on Mar.19, 2011, under General

Great addition in Ralf’s collection: a WW2 compass, probably made by Panerai. This type of compass is visible on photos taken during the war and it is a similar version of the small compass which we have published here.

It is interesting to see the strong lugs, which are similar to the compasses made in the 1950s and 1960s by Panerai, which have a bigger case. Remarkable is also the black coating of the case.

The position of the six screws on the backside and also the screw on the plexi dome are similar constructed as on the small Panerai compass linked above, which has thinner and flexible lugs.

[photos by Ralf Ehlers]

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Just because… “Egizianos!”

by on Jun.28, 2010, under General

The Panerai Ref. 6154 “Egiziano Piccolo” in good company: compasses, depth gauges and it’s “big brother” GPF 2/56 “Egiziano Grosso” in the background.

Even with an impressive case size of 47 millimeters, the Ref. 6154 watch looks pretty small compared to the instruments around, which have a case size of 70 x 90 mm.

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“compass galore”

by on Jun.15, 2010, under General

Overview of various Panerai compasses, produced from the late 1930’s to the 1980’s. Interesting to see how sizes, materials and design changed over decades.

In the center of the photo are four pieces of the famous GPF 4/55 model, surrounded by BSP 851 and BSP 852 (with black hood) models. BSP stands for “bussola subacquea da polso” (wrist compass).

On the left of the photo and in the upper right, three “white spirit” models are placed, which have a cylindric, non-metallic case. Some of them are fitted with a sticker, signed “Officine Panerai Firenze”, others have a “white spirit” sticker on, placed on the side or base of the plexi case. Extremely rare is the small compass in the base of the photo, which is the oldest version, used during WW2.

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