Introducing chapter VII of “History2″

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CHAPTER VII – “Hanns-Martin Kaufhold”
(70 pages, 58 photos, 6 technical illustrations)

This chapter about Hanns-Martin Kaufhold shows comprehensively just how helpful a collection of field post letters has been when researching this member of the “Einsatzgruppe Keller”. His correspondence with his then-girlfriend, which lasted more than three years from his entry into the Navy in 1942 until the end of his imprisonment in July 1945, provides information about the stages of his time as a trainee officer and combat swimmer. These rare documents, including identification papers and travel documents issued in Venice, allow us to reconstruct the route he took to the mission grounds at the Eastern Front. A mission report written by Hanns-Martin Kaufhold on April 3rd, 1945 – an unique and extremely rare document – describes a mission carried out by him and four comrades in the “Einsatzgruppe Keller”.

Preview of page 636 – 637:
One of the photos provided by the son of Hanns-Martin Kaufhold, showing his father as a young sea cadet.

Preview of page 656 – 657:
1944: Hanns-Martin Kaufhold in the lagoon of Venice, where the training of the “Lehrkommando 700” units took place. He is wearing his Panerai Ref. 3646 / Type D watch on his right wrist on this historic photo, of which not too many are existing today.

Preview of page 688 – 689:
Photo of Hanns-Martin Kaufhold’s Ref. 3646 / Type D watch with a current excerpt from our historical Panerai database.

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