Introducing chapter IV of “History1″

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(165 pages, 106 photos, 7 technical illustrations)

The chapter on Mario Arillo begins with an interview conducted with him in 1989. Numerous as yet unpublished pictures and documents from the family possessions of the famous commander from La Spezia augment the personal descriptions of his submarine missions as a means of transport for Italian Gamma swimmers and the SLC units of the Decima MAS.

Preview of page 232 – 233:
The interview section of chapter IV includes many yet unreleased photos of Mario Arillo, the commander of the italian submarine Ambra, which was one of the SLC transport submarines in 1942.

Preview of page 260 – 261:
Mario Arillo’s impressive and moving interview, taken 11 years before he died, holds many interesting details on the missions against the harbours on the north african coast with very rare photos taken aboard the Ambra together with SLC pilots and Gamma frogmen.

Preview of page 380 – 381 (part of chapter IV.I):
Photo of Mario Arillo’s Ref. 6152/1 watch with a current excerpt from our historical Panerai database.

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