Photo series “Vintage Panerai instrument of the week”

by on Nov.13, 2010, under General

Caught some details of the “Elettrosegnalatore GPF 1/58”. Fantastic to see the rich details on such a simple tool… many fine engravings all over the case of the signal light, Panerai branded almost everywhere, including matriculation number on the rear plate (covers the batteries).

Stunning functionality of the grip, which can be rotated to move a colored tube over the light bulb, coming up from the front grip into the area infront of the mirror (see detail photo upper and lower left). The signal light can expose white (regular), blue (“A”) and red (“R”) light signals by using the rear grip’s pistol trigger. At the detail photo (lower left), the blue light tube is turned on.

A shoulder extension (stored in the transport box together with a set of spare light bulbs) can be mounted on the rear plate, giving comfort for a straightening use of the signal light in a seesaw situation. For sending accurate signals, an ironsight (low right on the detail photo) is placed on top left of the case, which has an overall dimension of approx. 29 x 22 cm (without shoulder extension).


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