Photo series “Vintage Panerai instrument of the week”

by on May.26, 2010, under General

Elettrosegnalatore GPF 1/58 Brevetto IT. N° 47/165. Signal light used by the italian navy.

Powered by internal batteries (see upper left details in the photo) or external 12V DC supply (not pictured), which can be connected by cable at the bottom of the rear grip. The signal light can be activated by a “pistol-like” trigger, using an aiming device for sending the light singnals straing to their destination. The GPF 1/58 is equipped with a shoulder extension which can be mounted additionally to the rear.  Light colors can be changed by turning the wheel on the base of the front grip, which rotates the filters next to the light bulp.

The signal light, shoulder extension and spare light bulps are stored in a leather suitcase. The external power supply is stored in a separate, smaller suitcase of similar type.


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